Beautification Committee

Mission Statement:

Our volunteer committee focuses on enhancing and maintaining the beauty of our beaches. We believe our efforts improve the aesthetic value of the beaches as well as the surrounding properties but our primary objective is to create a beautiful retreat for members to enjoy, a place we can all be proud of.

Take a look around at the beaches and take notice of some of the projects we’ve completed:

  • Fresh and colorful plantings in all of the planters in both the spring and fall
  • Newly planted flower beds at each beach along with fresh bark mulch.
  • Removal of weeded, thorny, and/or invasive plantings and replaced with plantings that can thrive at our beaches.
  • The Beautification Committee has also worked closely with the Beach Operations Committee to implement weed abatement of our lawns using environmentally friendly and organic treatments.

Do you have a “green thumb” and enjoy working in gardens? Join our committee or stop by to lend a hand. We’d enjoy the help!

Questions? Contact the Beautification committee directly: